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My son only eats TEXTURED food - need serious help

HI.I appreciate any help.
My son is 3, since I can remember he will only eat textured foods. Example - dry cereal,crackers, chips, chex mix, rice cakes. This sort of thing. He will chew on peeling to apple, but not apple. When he turned 2 and had not grown out of it the Dr tested all of his levels and he was perfectly fine! So they said there is nothing they can really do, because he is getting what he should somehow.

They say it does happen to some children and they grow out of it. In the meantime, imagine the difficulty of going out to eat, its not like these items are on the salad bar or at McD's.

I tried for 3 weeks being the tough parent - only gave him what we were having. He ate breakfast everyday, b/c he likes cereal. But didn't eat anything else. Would simply say no, and get down from table.He lost weight so I had to give in.

If you put food in his mouth, like I did with mashed potatoes, he threw up! Acts totally mortified.

Please tell me someone else has gone through this or knows what to do. I have a 4 year old also and she is like me and my husband and will eat anything!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You said thatyou have had him checked out at the doctors. Did this rule out things like Asperger's etc. Very often children with ASD's have problems with food, sometimes texture, sometimes even colour. A child may only eat foods of a similar texture, colour etc. As long as he is getting all the nourishmnent he needs from the foods he eats then don't worry. I think it is a blessing that he will not eat anything in McD's anyway. Best to keep away from junk food places like that.
My son has Asperger's and he was admitted for assessment and an exclusion diet [ he also has ADHD]After 3 days of starving apart from eating cereal for breakfast they decided that he could have cereal for every meal if that was all he would take. Now he is nearly 20 and eats a far more varied diet. Just keep trying him with different things. Try to keep to the textures he likes if you can.

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Most children's hospitals, such as A I DuPont, have a department that specializes in eating issues in children. A specialist can give you advice specific to your child's issues so that you can help your child. Your child's pediatrician can give you a referral. It is well worth the time and effort for your child to be able to eat a more healthy variety of foods.

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I knew a child like this. He was in my preschool class. He only ate dry foods, like cereal, crackers, croutons,etc.. He grew out of it. I think sometimes it's a control issue. As parents we decide everything for them. When to wake up, when to eat, when to sleep and the list goes on and on. One thing you can't control though, is what they eat. Let him have control of this for a while and don't make a big deal about it or give any extra attention because of it. He will give it up!!