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my four year old still won't eat real food

Hi, everyone. I have never done this before, but I really need some help and advice. I have an almost four year old daughter who still eats baby food. The only other foods she will eat are potato chips, cheez its, and crackers. That's it! When I try to introduce food, and it can be any type, she insistently refuses. She screams and cries, and when I "make" her put it in her mouth, she gags and spits up. I have tried every food imaginable. She won't even eat mashed potatoes or other "baby like food". I don't know what to do or how to go about fixing this issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I might also add, she has a twin sister who will eat absolutely everything. Also, I would have to assume this is not necessarily a chewing thing, since she eats the above with no problems. She is also starting to deny baby foods as well, and sometimes even gags on the 3rd stage baby foods. Any information or ideas would greatly be appreciated. As I said before, I have not used message boards before, and I don't know if I will even be able to find responses. If anyone has any ideas will you please email me as well as posting? Thanks so much for your time. Tracy

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What does your pediatrician say about this situation? Is your daughter's health and weight normal?

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There are some boards on here somewhere about kids who have problems with the textures of foods. There's lots of different ideas on them.

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My 4 year old son has the exact same problem! Would love to be able to email with you, but your email address is not listed. My profile does not seem to save on here, if you get this post, please reply!!

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Hi my son is 4 yr old he like his rice but he doesnt like veg so literally I have to hide in between n feed him , he doesnt eat by his own , he don't even like fruits, he doesn't eat any finger food, not even chips n nuggets as well,

Pls help. Me

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Hi, i think you should seek professional help. A doctor may be able to guide you better and i think medical advice is the best thing right now.
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Hi.. I know this was posted nearly two years ago. I have an almost 4 year old son with the same problem. I'm so frustrated. He was diagnosed with Oral Sensitivity Disorder by his pediatrician. But what to do? He won't even feed himself because he can't stand touching the baby food. So I'm still spoon feeding him 3 meals a day. All baby food. Only Gerber. It's so expensive! Did your child ever grow out of it? I'd appreciate any hope... Thanks, Jenn