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my baby sleeps late night


i m mother of 7 months old baby boy,

he sleeps in the night at 1 and wakes up late mornings

is that normal behaviour ,

i m afraid his health may affect.please suggest me

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It's really not going to affect his health....just yours maybe if you are not getting much sleep! I have a friend who's baby is on this type of schedule and they actually encourage it as they are late night owls themselves. However, if you are not appreciating the late nights I would suggest putting him to sleep 15 minutes earlier each night until he is going to bed at a more reasonable time. Also, I have found keeping to a daily bed time schedule to be helpful for my 8 month old. We have a bath, get into PJs read a story and by the time I get around to nursing her she is nearly asleep. She knows that bath time means sleepy time is close by.

Hope this helps some?