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my b/g twins too affectionate

I have 22 mo old b/g girl twins and my dauhgt has been passionatly kissing us since she was 20 mo.  holdingour fade w/ two hands and using her tongue.  we have tought her to eskimo kiss but she keeps doing this occasionally.


any ideas?  she has been left w/ NO ONe but us andour 14 year old.  I thought maybe the 14 year old was exp. but she is a step child and is never alone w/ them either.  IS THIS NORMAL and if so why?  It is realy bothering me.  thanks. 

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She probably does it because she thinks it's funny. I doubt there is anything really "passionate" about it. She just thinks that slobber and moving your tounge is interesting. I think it's pretty normal. We went through this with our kids too. It's not weird, just messy. She will probably grow out of it. Tell her you think it's gross and keep modeling the way you would like her to kiss you. Good luck. 

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Try to avoid passionately kissing in front of her too. =)

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I've read about a lot of children going through this.  Heres what you need to understand.  She wants to show effection to you, and has seen this kind of affection somewhere else, probably with someone she likes. (ext you and your partener, shoot, my daughter got it from Alladin).

The good news, is it is just a phase.  Just give her a peck so she doesn't get a chance to slip you the tounge :)