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My 4 year old caught naked with a 7 year old friend

A few weeks ago i was round at my friends having coffee and the kids were playing in the bed room, (my 4year old son and her 7 year old son). They seemed too quiet so we went to check on them. they were under the bed both naked and the 7 tear old was touching my sons privates. I handled the situation really wrong because i took my son straight home and gave him a real telling off. when i'd calmed down i talked to him that noone is ever aloud to touch you there etc. Anyway today i just took him to school and the teacher pulled me aside and said that Dyaln was caught yesterday being involved in some "roll play" she said it was stopped before much had happened but the teacher could see where it was heading. I feel sick at the thought of this and need some advice on what to do now.

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that is totally inappropriate. those kids need a stern talking-to.That is a behavior that leeds to rape and other sexual things like becoming a whore. you should tell them how that it sooooo very wrong
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kids only need, attention of their paretns.