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My 17 month old child is now taking off her diaper and her clothes at bed time/when she gets up

My child for the last week now has been taking off her diaper when we try to put h er to bed... she also takes off her clothes be it pjamas or a onesie etc... When she wakes up in the morning she has it all off too... What can I do to get her to stop?? Is there a reason for this behaviour?? I also want to start trying to potty train her but am not sure if shes ready... I want to get her use to a toddler bed too but am worried about her getting use to it and how I would go about teaching her to stay in it.... Any help on these things would be great.

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Put her in zip up pj's backward so the zipper in on her back and she will not be able to unzip it. She is taking off her clothes because she can. She probably is expecting you to be proud of her new ability as you are for other milestones she reaches. Let her undress herself when it is appropriate, and explain "this is undressing time, nighttime is staying dressed time". Reinforce this concept often. You can introduce the potty, but do not expect her to be able to use it consistantly until she is around 2 years old. There are a number of fun potties available that your daughter can use to get accustomed to the idea of potty training. Most children are ready for a toddler bed when they can climb out of their crib. My advice is to let her be a baby for a while longer unless you have another baby who needs the crib. She will be a big girl soon enough, enjoy what is left of the baby stage.

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Because we had a large family and a small budget, I was in a crib until I was five. I was clambering out of it at about 2, I don't THINK I fell on my head :-)

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I have 5 kids and none of them took off their clothes. (I think they were too lazy..) But I definitely have seen this with other toddlers.

When she takes off her clothes, even if you said no, she does not mean to be "bad". As the above poster said, she likes to use this undressing ability she just mastered. Don't worry, she'll outgrow it. (Yeah, I know, in the meantime you'll get frazzled...)

I think the idea about putting on the pajamas with the zipper in back will work. Also, if she keeps on taking off her shoes, (and she does not have lace up shoes) the shoe repair man can put a snap on the end of the velcro strap. She probably won't be able to open that.

About potty training, 17 ms. can be a little young for that (although I have seen it). If you see she doesn't get it yet, don't push her. She has time for that and it will go much faster when she's ready.

Again, copying the reply above, I think that if you don't have another baby that needs to use the crib, she has time to transition to the toddler bed in a little while.

Anyways, enjoy your mischievous little girl!

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I'd leave her in her crib for awhile, and I'd also try bib overalls on her when you can... not at night. They are hard to get off. I also have heard of duct taping the tape part of the diaper across.... not on their skin or anything.

I'm sure your child just feels proud to be able to undress, so work on teaching her to dress herself as well.... but don't expect her to do it that young. The more your child feels your attention when she undresses the more she'll want the attention, so I wouldn't say much when she undresses, but really encourage her when she stays dressed.

Good luck.

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does she only do it when she's ready for bed and when she wakes up? if not then she is trying to tell you that she is ready to rid the diaper and she wants to use the potty maybe you should just try it it can't hurt but i wouldn't use panties just in case i would use the pull-ups first ya know what I far as the bed mine is not in a toddler bed yet but i think that she is ready she can get off of my bed (that is a good 3 ft off of the floor)so i think that she will not get hurt if you baby girl doesn't sleep all kinds of crazy (idk cause mine does lol) she is ready i mean she is only 8 moths away from being 2 yrs old. my cousin and his wife had their son in his bed on the day of his first b`day and they did it, like when he would get up in the middle of the night crying that would just taking him put him back in the bed and back to sleep and after about a month or 2 he just learned and he knew what he was to do stay in his bed that is where he slept know not with mommy and daddy...shoot when he first got in his own room he wouldn't even play in it until he realized what all he could get into in there lol anyways i think that she is ready for the potty and for the tod. bed most definitely as far as the clothes coming off like the other moms said it;s just a new achievement for her praise her for it but i dont agree with the backwards pj's (only b/c i am claustrophobic, i wouldn't like it so i wouldn't do it to someone else) If she's taking her clothes off then let her don't force her to wear them that's how I look at it my daughter takes her's off butit's becasue she wantsto be naked so i just let her thats part of being a baby ya know what I mean? basically let her explore everything with her clothes her diaper just everything new that she wants to too.

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A zip up pj, and zip up clothes are the obvious choice if she keeps taking them off. I found some great girl accessories for my little princess at , especially some insanely cute head bands.