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Infant Pacifier Weaning-- Please help!

I am a new mom and have read all of the messages surrounding weaning a child 2 years and older from the pacifier. I currently have an 8 month old who primarily uses the pacifier when falling asleep. Over the past 6 weeks, we have found ourselves in a situation where we are getting up 5 to 6 times a night to put the pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out in the middle of the night because she is waking up and can not settle herself back down. We try not to put her in our bed but we certainly have caved at 4am when we have not had any sleep and just need to get some rest.

Is she too young to remove the pacifier? Can we do this abruptly? I would appreciate any guidance on this and how to accomplish a full night sleep.

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Give her practice re-capturing the pacifier during the day. Dangle it in front of her and let her play by catching it. Put it near her when she plays on the floor and let her grab it.

I would guess that if you take her pacifier from her, she will begin using her thumb or fingers. That's OK, too.

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my daughter is 8 months to so i know what youre going threw if your kid is teething it's not a smart move to take it away right now but you can introduce a teething ring during the day it will not only help her teething but will help her have better use of her hands

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concerned mom

We used teething rings w/ our boys. They definitely helped soothe the gums, but once our boys' teeth started poking through their gums, we took the rings away. The liquid inside the rings is supposedly toxic from what I've heard.
As for the pacifier, neither of our boys took to it. My oldest was really good about not putting things in his mouth. My youngest was the opposite, however. I never discouraged the pacifier. My boys just never really liked it and would spit it out. They loved their bottle, however. So in a sense, we dealt w/ the same problem losing sleep over the bottle issue.
At a yr old, we just started weaning our boys off the bottle and alternated it w/ a sippy cup. At night, we used other means of soothing: soft music, rocking to sleep, whatever worked. Soon they got used to the fact that the bottle was no more.
One mom I know did this w/ her daughter's pacifers. Her daughter had several pacifers, and at night she insisted on sleeping w/ them all. It got crazy b/c sometimes they cldn't find a pacifier or two, and as a result, her daughter wldn't sleep. Mom finally took the "nukies" away one by one. She told her daughter they went to "nukie land" where the babies were waiting to use them. It was a bit rocky in the beginning, but her daughter finally got used to being w/out them. She was 3 at the time, so you're actually in better shape than she was.
Some kids just take longer than others to separate from these comforts. My brother carried around a blankie til he was about 5. We used to call him Linus.
As long as the pacifier isn't hurting your child, I don't see the harm in it. Get a good night's sleep. That's more important at this time. Good luck.