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getting a toddler to eat

I have a son who is going to be 3 in october. He will not eat regular food. All he wants to eat is the baby food or food like it. I wanted to see if any of you have ideas on how to get him to eat what his sister and I eat. I have been told when he gets hungry he will eat. I feel so bad becouse he wont eat. If you can give me any advice, please do so.

thank you.

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Take a hand blender, like a braun, that has just the blades and motor, you can use it in any container. Add a little liquid to whatever the family is eating and blend it to babyfood consistency. Tomorrow, leave it a little chunky. The next day, chunkier still.

Offer the unfamiliar stuff. After a few minutes, if he hasn't eaten, offer something familiar. But, if he eats what the family eats, do some sort of reward: verbal praise, sticker on chart, immediate activity he enjoys.

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My 3 year old is going through the same thing now. He only wants chicken nuggets and juicy juice and bake beans ( Bush). My middle child who is now 20 went through the same thing all he would eat is cheese. It is okay it is just a phase. Try this it is working for us. Set him at the table with no food in frount of him. You and your daughter eat your food and let him watch. He will be interested and after a few minutes offer him a plate and something that you are eating. This will make him want it, if you keep tring to get him to eat new food that you offer he will back off

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That sounds like it would work!

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concerned mom

Just wondering, is it the consistency or texture that your son doesn't like? What happens if you give your son let's say pizza. Will he try it, then gag or spit it out? I'm curious b/c by 3 yrs old, a child shld be eating and chewing solid foods. Have you asked a dr about this?
Two things come to mind: This cld be a sensory issue or a physical problem w/ swallowing solid foods. If this is the case, you need to look into this further. An OT is a good starting ground.
If, on the other hand, your son just doesn't like the taste of the foods you're offering, try different things. Keep introducing new foods w/ different flavors. If your son likes cheese, try offering broccoli w/ melted cheese on top. If your son likes apple sauce, give him pork chop w/ apple sauce on the side. Be creative. Also, don't force feed. This will only make things worse.
Hopefully your son is just going through a stage. Regardless, though, I wld voice your concern to the pediatrician who I'm sure will have some helpful suggestions as well. Good luck!