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Advise- My sone is 3 and refuses to potty train and give up the bottle.

Help! My son turned 3 in February. He refuses to give up his bottle. I own every sippy cup on the market and have tried just giving him a regular cup but nothing. He goes to head start all day and just doesn't drink anything then demands a bottle and throws a fit if we give him a cup. As for the potty training he will not give the diapers up. He will sit on the potty and asked for a clean diaper after he goes but won't use the toilet. Also, he wakes up soaked every morning even in overnight pampers.

FYI we also have an older son who just came home potty trained from day care and threw out his bottle when I offered to by him a dvd he wanted at 2 1/2.

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ha ha! Deal with the bottle first... does he use a pacifier?