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3 Yr. Old Temper Tantrums

My daughter turned 3 early March and has been a very well behaved little girl until recently when my husband took on an additional job.  She now only see's him on weekends and has turned into a monster tantrum thrower.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this situatuion.  I have talked to her and we both have explained things as best as possible.  She is very intelligent for her age so we know she must comprehend some of what we are explaining about the situation, but she still is only a little girl.  How can I make things better for her.  Everyday we have a tantrum battle. 

Thanks!!!!  Mom at a loss :( 

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If you tried talking with her and explaining the situation then try leaving the scene or put her in another room and close the door behind you. She will get the hint that you mean business.