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10 month old not sleeping

My son is 10 months old and has started waking up many times a night. He seems to only want attention. We have tried to let him cry himself back to sleep, but he screams to the point of almost making himself sick. Any suggestions to get him to sleep through the night?

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have you started solids? Is he warm enough? Those little footy pajamas are great, but some kids need an undershirt, too.

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does he have a fever at night?

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He eats his supper anywhere between 5 and 6. He eats a protein form of baby food as well as something solid (crackers, teething biscut, etc.). He does not seem to have a fever at night. As soon as someone picks him up, he seems to be ok. Sometimes he wants a drink, but most of the time, it is just love.

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If he wants love, try having a half hour before bed time of cuddling and reading books (or cuddling and watching his favorite video, if that is what you prefer). Sometimes that helps.
Good Luck!