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Vitamin D deficiency in babies

There was a scary article in yesterday's New York Times about vitamin D deficiency in babies who are exclusively breastfed. It seems that a lot of the mothers are themselves deficient in the vitamin, so their babies aren't getting enough of it in the breast milk. In the worst cases, the babies can end up with rickets, which is a softening of the bones. If you don't take a multiple vitamin, don't drink vit. D-enriched milk or OJ, are always avoiding the sun,  and are breastfeeding, you may want to consider having a blood test to determine whether your level of  vit. D is too low.

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My kids' pediatrician told me it's actually pretty rare to have a vitamin D deficiency. I think you only need a couple of minutes of sun exposure a day to get enough vitamin D.

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My pediatrician recommended Tri-vi-sol vitamin drops with vitamin A, C, and D in them. They said if your baby drinks formula, it is in there but breast milk may not have enough.

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If you read that article to the end, you will find that the researchers are affiliated with the vitamin and pharmaceutical industries. You also see the biggest proponents from these industries. They are finding more Vitamin D supposed problems (like rickets) in children - but they have not determined if it was truly Vitamin D or something else.

It takes one exposed forearm 10-15 minutes in the sun 2-3 times a week to get enough Vitamin D. Honestly - in the winter, I do think it's harder to get my toddlers out that much - but it does make it through the window of a car. So, I literally have my children in short sleeve shirts (no coats) in their carseats when I know we're going on a longer drive. Vitamin D milk helps, but I have one who is lactose intolerant. So, I do give him a multi-vitamin.

There is very little Vitamin D in breastmilk. Thus, have a hard time believing that Vitamin D is so important to supplements for babies.