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Physical Activity in Schools

I am an Indiana University student and I am doing a study on the decrease in physical activity in schools and I was just wondering what people's thoughts are on this subject.  Thanks!

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I think that taking recess away from kids who are acting out is soooo STUPID. A lot of the kids are acting out because they need to reset their brains with a nice bout of vigorous unstructured physical activity in fresh air.
When I took my son out of conventional school, we made a written daily schedule. The first time that we got to "recess" on the list, he sat down at the computer to work on the History activity. I was--confused. I said "It's RECESS. Why aren't you outside with the dog or something?"
Then he was confused. "I thought recess was when you finished the assignments."
Even thinking about it now, 2 years later, I want to swear.

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Well, in America we have an increase of overweight children. It does not make sense to decrease physicall activity in schools at the same time.

My boy is in 3rd grade and he has gym twice per week and he has a TOTAL of 35 minutes for lunch and recess!!

I have written letters and made phone calls. I don't believe it helps.

My boy is certainly not overweight but I believe it would also be beneficial to his academics to get out and run and move around EVERY day.

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concerned mom

Physical activity is important in all schools for all ages. I see it w/ my 5 yr old son. It wld be ludicrous to think a 5 yr old cld sit for a whole day w/out a break. And teachers complain that kids aren't focused. I wonder why.