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Personal tracking devices for child safety

Hi name is Jess,I am an MBA student at Shippensburg University and I am working on some research for a product that I need some valuable feedback from parents like you for a project. The main purpose of this device will be to protect children and adults in serious, dangerous situations such as kidnapping, physical attack, accidents, and sudden health issues. The device is equipped with vital signs sensors and a distress button that, when activated, will alert family members and emergency services in the event the person is in distress. We offer this device in a multitude of varieties: watches, necklaces, cell phone case, key fob, bracelet, etc. If the person finds themselves in distress as in the case of an attack or are involved in an accident, they would activate the distress button and it will alert their preset family/friends as well as emergency services with their exact location.The devices such as the watch or necklace, or any that come in direct contact with the skin will have body temperature, heartbeat, and pulse sensors. In the event of a rescue, we will know if the person was still dead or alive based on body temperature. The pulse indicator will be useful in determining if a person is near death and notify emergency services and letting them know that the situation is critical. Our services also allow for a web interface for customers to log in and monitor their loved ones location in real time, change emergency contact list, or manage their account.

What we need is your input regarding the features of these devices and the prices you would be willing to pay for such services, assuming you would want to purchase such a device.

If you are willing to participate in my study please provide an email address I can send the link to....thanks so much for your help!