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obsession with food

hello, after a terrible weekend im at my wits end, my 5year old son who has a delay in social communication and is still being assessed by the paedatrician, has got worse for being obsessed with food.
He has started sneaking around and lying about it so much so that my husband caught him hiding behind the sofa with a mouthful of cookie of which he had hid under the cushion on sofa (within minutes of returning home from picking me up from work this was)
He doesnt go hungry is fed well and does get treats often, the next day we find that he had gone in the fridge and opened up a couple of items ate some of the treats and put it back as if we wouldnt notice.
He goes to childcare in a school setting and has lied to them saying he hasnt had food when he has. I just dont know where to go from here because he has always loved his food and is comforted by knowing when his next meal is and where etc and when doing new things he is fine providing he knows what is happening regarding food.
We are trying to not use food as a punishment because of the "obsession" but on top of other bad behaviours (stamping on a snail and lying saying it was an accident, and hitting again at school) we are running out of ideas. Me and my husband are arguing because im the softer parent, but sometimes i think his techniques/ideas are a bit cruel.
Does anyone have any advice as im quite upset for a number of reasons due to this