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My parents don't approve to marry the guy I am in Love with.

I am 27yr old, completed my MBBS, my boyfriend is also my age and is working as an orthpaedic surgeon. We have been dating since 3yrs and we want to get married now. I recently spoke to my parents about him , but they didn't approve because he belongs to different cast. They even said they donot care how well educated he is or how wonderful person he is!! All they care about is the Cast!! I tried enough to explain but they refused to listen any further. They are forcing me to have an arrange marriage and forget about the guy I love!! I cant upset my parents and make my mother cry but I cant leave the guy I love. Please help and tell me what should I do???

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You have to select any one of the the two's, Either you have to disobey and upset your parents and make a happy marriage life with the guy you make an affair or, you can make your parents happy by sacrificing your love and stick on their decisions. It is your choice.