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Is gorging on "healtly" food still healthy?

My 8 year old step son has a voracious appetite. He can seriously eat more that an overweight adult male. His dad feels that as long as it's "healthy food", it's okay. I disagree. He's starting to get fat, and we're going to go broke on groceries. Any ideas?

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I have a couple thoughts on the subject. One being from your comment it sounds like you have some issues with your step son and you all need counseling but here are my thoughts regarding the eating: 1) not drinking enough water 2) not involved in enough sports 3) find the cookbook "the sneaky chef" 4) family exercise 5) let him help in the kitchen

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Eating healthy is always a good thing, but monitor the times at which your step-son is eating and the quanties that he's taking in, especially if he's overweight. Three balanced meals a day, plus three healthy snacks between meals shld be sufficient. If your step-son in still "gorging", you can talk to his dr or maybe consult a nutritionist. It's possible he's just going through a growth spurt. It's also possible he cld be eating for emotional reasons as Marti said. I agree w/ Marti. Make sure your step-son is getting plenty of exercise. A family walk or day at the park is a great idea.

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I need to somehow get mom and dad on board with me. Dad says that although he realizes the boy consumes his total daily calories just at breakfast alone, he is not willing yet to do anything about it. Mom thinks there is no problem - acts like it's cute and even has pet names for him such as "Garbage Gut". (Mom is at least 100 lbs. overweight, herself) Although he's only 8, he weighs what the growth chart says a 13 year old should!
Last night at a family party, he ate more than half the appetizers laid out for over 20 people, so that some had to go without. He then ate 3 large dinners, and got pouty when I asked for just small pieces of cake and ice cream for all our kids. I feel stuck in the middle - wondering why his P's don't step in?

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Can you get the boy a physical? There may be some physical or psychological issues that could be explored by an MD.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I have come to realize that Dad is not on board with me on this. He realizes that his son eats more than double his daily calorie allotment, yet says he is not willing at this time to do anything about it. Dad is the one who doles out the ice cream, and happens to give huge, whopping portions. I got out a measuring cup and showed them what a portion size is, but he still eats 4-6 portions at a time.
I have other posts regarding this kiddo - newest one is "What's wrong, here" under "general parenting issues".

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Ask at your stepson's doctor's office for information on portion control. They will also have information on the health issues that overeating and being overweight will cause for this child.

My ex also overfed his 3 children. They are all overweight (2 are obese) miserable adults. One stated to me as an adult that her father obviously did not care enough about them to say "no" to her and her sisters. She thanked me for fighting for them, though at the time she thought I was "mean" to my children. She stated she wished she had listened to me and that my children, who were not allowed to over eat and remain slender, are the fortunate ones.