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Cutting corners for the holidays?

In these tough financial times, what are you and your family doing differently this holiday season? Are you changing any of your traditions?

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concerned mom

We're on a tight budget too, and we'll be cutting back for sure this holiday season.
Honestly, I believe that the holidays shldn't be all about spending money. So much pressure is put on us to buy gifts, put out an elaborate spread and go above and beyond every year. I admit, I do it. But frankly, I'm tired. The holidays are so stressful every yr trying to keep up w/ the expectations of the season, that it's becoming not so enjoyable anymore. Giving doesn't have to be about exchanging gifts. It's about spending valuable time w/ those people you love and care about. I believe strongly in traditions, whether they are passed down or newly begun. These moments are what make the holidays special, and these are the things that will stick w/ our children in the yrs to come.