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Child Crying for food

My baby is 18 months, and she recently started crying for food.  It has nothing to do with hunger--it has to do with when she sees food she wants it.  We can happily be playing, and the second I go into the kitchen to prepare a meal (whether she has eaten or not), she starts hysterical crying and will not stop until she gets to eat more.  Suggestions?

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You need to resist giving in to her unless you want an obese child. If she is eating decent meals already she doesn't need more. You can of course offer her some fruit or raw vegetables. They won't do too much harm.

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concerned mom

Resist too many snacks between meals or otherwise your daughter won't eat her meals. I think the fresh fruit and vegie idea is a good one.
My son is going through some kind of growth spurt, and I swear he's eating us out of house and home. I try to always give my kids healthy snacks that will satisfy them. Good luck!

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Every human body is different and have different eating habits and schedules.

While this sounds like a trigger issue rather than an actual hunger issue, it might be both. Seeing you in the kitchen might trigger her to realize she's hungry.

Eating 3-4 big meals a day isn't healthy for anyone's body. You go through eating too much, then burnout of calories. You stretch your stomach with a bigger meal, and you require more food over time doing this over and over.

Grazing has been proven to be a much healthier way of eating and most people's bodies and brains work much better with 8-10 smaller meals than gorging on a bigger meal then waiting until you're starving to eat again.

You're much less likely to get fat if you eat smaller healthy meals throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism up and your body continues to burn calories all day long. Also, you don't eat a heavy meal and go to bed without burning off most of it.

Maybe she just works better with more smaller meals and as long as she's not over eating junk food, what's the issue with giving her healthy munchies. Even if she doesn't eat all of the next meal that's put in front of her, she's still getting the vitamins and nutrients she needs and that's the most important thing.

- KB

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