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when college is on the agenda

need to know if there is a paper for my daughter to prove she was homeschooled. Her college counsler told her to get into her classes she needed this paper...help??

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I would suggest that you and your daughter make a portfolio for her, things that show the quality and extent of her academic performance. If she plans on college next year, it may be a little late to start documenting these things, but for others who are homeschooling and preparing for college, this should be the focus of your efforts from age 16 on. The easiest way to go from home school to college is to do your junior year of high school in conventional school.

Also, find an ACT test (check with your local schools) that she can take.

A letter from you is all the documentation that you can provide unless you have had her evaluated by a professional teacher from time to time. There are some colleges that have experience with admitting home-school students. If the college you are looking at does not, I suggest you find other colleges that do, broaden your search.