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thinking about homeschooling a preschooler thru grade 12

What do you all think of the pros and cons of starting to homeschool at such an early age?  How do you become registered to be a homeschool teacher?  Is there some kind of book/curiculum that you have to follow?  Can you do booth home school and then send off to school?  As you can see I have alot of questions and was wondering if someone would be able to talk it out with me.

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I have started to homeschool my 4 year old this year and hope to continue through HS. I too have a lot of questions but am learning a lot through on-line homeschool groups (located in my area).
The pros (in my opinion): teaching "real life" situations and applications as opposed to the text book variety. Homeschooling can be formal or less formal depending upon your teaching style and your child's learning style. There are so many great resources available both on-line as well as in teacher resource stores that finding curricula is easy-narrowing down choices is the hard part. For a pre-K or K almost anything is a learning experience! With regards to homeschooling older kids, check your state department of education-it probably has informaiton for homeschoolers. If not, contact your local school district to request information. This will help you to determine what is required by you and your child to complete each marking period. There are also on-line groups that provide curriculum as well as a person (teacher) to assist you and your child. As I am finding out-the only thing to fear is the unknown! And, yes if you choose to send your child to school you can but they'll have to test into the appropriate grade level.
The cons? I guess not having your day to yourself! All of the extra preparation and time it will take you to prepare. But, then again, shoulding our children's education be our top priority?
Don't let folks tell you that your child won't become socialized-so long as you make an effort to get your child into community programs (check out your YMCA)he/she will meet and play with children. In all of the years I worked in a museum, I could pick out the homeschooled kids by their fantastic ability to communicate and engage in intelligent and fun conversations!
Good luck!!

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There's a short article at this link that is interesting.

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You can homeschool some years and not others, just find out what the public school curriculum is so the children are not repeating too much stuff when they return to public school.