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Thinking about Homeschooling...

My daughter will be 5 soon and is in a great preschool, but she has been having problems with behavioral issues (I am looking into it). I am afraid that if she is still having problems by the time she goes to K (I will be sending her at the age of 6) and the teachers aren't as understanding as the teachers she has now, that there will be a lot of problems.

I have been thinking of homeschooling and would like to know the benefits everyone has found and also any other advice I would need if I do go this route. What is the criteria that a parent needs to have to be able to homeschool (if any)? Thank you!

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I have homeschooled my children for 8 years. I have older children but helped a friend & homeschooled her 2 children in kindergarten. You can help your child work thru the behavior problems at home & get to the bottom of things before it is gone to far. I don't know what state you are in but you can go to & get info or go to your local library & research homeschooling. All you need to homeschool is a highschool diploma or GED.
Hope this helps.

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My son is at a great pre-K program but I feel as though he is not really learning like I would like for him too. So this coming school year I will be homeschooling him. I have homeschooled him off and on and when he is on breaks from his pre-k school I do it then as well. My son too has some behavior problems and I have told his teachers that he gets bored easily to give him busy work but they brush me off. So we have made the decision to homeschool this coming year and if he does well with it we will continue for a while with it. There is also a virtual school online that is tied into the school system(public).
The only thing that concerned me was the socialization for him but there a few of us here in my town that homeschool so we are going to put together play groups and field trips.
The only thing you have to have is a high school diploma or a GED and your good to go. But I have many resources from my college education courses. Just send me an email or reply. I will be happy to send some to you. :)
I think this is going to be the best decision that we are making for our son. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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I had the same problem when my daughter was coming out of pre-school. The preschool teachers did great with her (because my mother-in-law was the director) but I knew she would be a problem in public school. She has to be given constant attention and kept busy with challenging material or she would distract the other children. I did not feel that the teachers in public schools were going to have time or patients to give her the attention that she needed, so I decided to homeschool. My husband was against it at first, but now we BOTH think it was the best decision for her. We are able to deal with her behavior issues better at home and we can work with her at the times of day that she is most attentive. We only do school for 2-3 hours a day since she in kindergarten. We travel a lot with her and she is in cheerleading, ballet, tap, and goes to church. She gets plenty of positive social interaction. You do not have to have a teaching background to school your child. You are already teaching them every day; to school them you just have to find a great curriculum that fits their learning style.

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