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starting homechooling at 15

Hi,  my daughter does not want to go back to school.  my kids have all been in public school all along.  when she started highschool last year it didn't go well.  The kids are so inapropriate in every sense with alot of their interactions.  I won't get into details but she got sick and missed some school and then had trouble orienting back in and aside from that she was feeling very stressed out from all of the social stuff.  I have a son in college, and a set of g/b twins. Her twin brother does okay in school.  He ignors the social stuff, doesn't get into peer pressure and only has a few friends. He knows that he is better off that way.  It's been more difficult for her.  I recentlly went back to work full time.  She wants me to be home more and homeschool with her.  I live in Massachusetts.  I have already asked at her school and apparently I just have to present my plan to a school administrator and I would probably get the okay.  I have read all the statistics and i know that homeschool kids do great.  i know she would do awsome because she is asking for this.  I guess that fear of the unknown, and lack of confidence is making me doubt myself.  I would do anything for her...I don't make alot of money and i know with less spending financially we would be okay.  I would love some words of encouragement and maybe some advice on how to get started.. thanks!!!!

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My neighbor home-schools her two daughters, and they are teenagers, and I heard about some on-line charter school that would give you some structure as a first-time home-schooler. I don't know if that is available in Massachusetts. I guess the big question is if your family finances can handle the decreased income.

I think the chance to have a close relationship with your daughter is awesome. Just be sure you stay involved in the community somehow (church, Junior Chamber of Commerce, volunteer at some charity, community theater, sports, . . .).

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I am around your daughter's age and I am homeschooled. I love it so much it is awsome!! I didn't really either have a social life at school and being homeschooled works soo well for me. If your daughter (and you) are willing to put the effort in to experiment this together go for it I say!! It will not only teach your daughter it will also build a good mother-daughter bond. At her age it is a great thing to start now. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

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I'm looking for homeschool buddies/support groups in Mo. Where are you located? This is our 1st attempt at homeschooling and I'm hoping to find someone in our area to talk with.