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Need advice for Teenager

I recently started homeschool my 15 year old daughter. There was a lot of bullying at school towards my daughter. It started in 8th grade and the school system could only do so much to help. It affected her grades and behaviour so I withdrew her. Her homeschooling is going great but she has lost most of her friends. They are involved in schhol activites and have other friends at school. This has become a real issue. I need some advice on where she can meet other teens. She feels so alone. I appreciate any advice you can offer.

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I homeschooled my daughter 10-12th grades. She was able to interact with teens through the homeschooling group we joined in our area. She and the other homeschoolers took classes, worked on projects, studied together and went on field trips. We also arranged outings with her previous school friends, had sleepovers and she continued to attend events such as plays, sports and concerts at the school she had attended.

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This is also an opportunity to develop relationships with people of different ages. Get involved in community organizations, perhaps there is a volunteer opportunity at the library or someplace.

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Hi, my kids are younger but I know some people who homeschool older children and are really working to keep their kids socialized. Do you have a homeschool group in your area? I know that where I live, the groups try to get together about every other week and some strong friendships have been forged that way. They also keep in touch over the internet. Some of them use a site called Qwizzy's World, which allows students to create practice quizzes and study guides. It has a feature called Buddysharing, which allows kids to share their work and study together. That might be a way for her to keep in touch with some of her school friends, too, as well as get some extra academic practice! Good luck!