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legally blind homeschooler - freshman

I just started homeschooling my son in Aug 09, who is 15, in highschool, and legally blind. I feel that sometimes I'm not making him do enough writing. Most of his assign are computer based because they are easier to see. I also feel that I do alot of the reading for him in the assignments that are not computer based. He has a very hard time seeing them, so I try to accomadate him. I was wandering if anyone else has had this same disability and if you have any suggestions.

Thank You

ps. by the way , the reason I took him out of high school is that he was having a very hard time seeing, as he had been in the same small school for 8 years. It was like a foreign country to him. So I prayed and Prayed and I feel that God lead me to homeschool my sweet son.

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Do you have a plan for how you coach him in writing? I shake a die and then coach on just one aspect of writing that day. (This is taken from the Six Traits plus One model, their program is copyrighted.)
1. Ideas
2. Organization
3. Voice
4. Word choice
5. Sentence fluency
6. Conventions

When it's time for the final draft, I talk about presentation--how it looks on the page.

Assign something every week or so, and insist that he wait a day between his first and second drafts.

As far as reading his assignments to him, this is called "assistive technology" and if he were in school it is likely that an aide would be paid to read for him, or they would find textbooks that have been made available in an audio format.