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how to persuade parents so i can be homeschool??!! please help......

I really wanted homeschooled for 2 years now i just moved from canada 2 u.s & went to public school for one grade and hated it so much i told my parents really SERIOUSly i wana b homeschooled but they were first gonna do it but they didnt and now im in christian school and i still Hate iT!!! = =;; I askd my mom(again) But shes like Homeschool is for losers and im not goona be able to socialize so i wanna ask my dad(again) but im like... got nothing to back myself up(theyre like strong christians...) ....Please hellppp mee!!

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What grade are you in now? Are you having any problems at your school?

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concerned mom

You can't force your parents to homeschool you. If you really don't like your current school, talk to your parents and tell them why. Maybe you can all come to a compromise about this. It's obvious, though, that if you don't like the school you're in, you're not going to put your all into it. Discuss your concerns w/ your parents. Hopefully they can help you work through whatever difficulties you may be having. Good luck!