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Homeschooling 17 year old w/ Asperger's Syndrome -advice please

I'm going to begin homeschooling my 17-year-old son. He has Asperger's Syndrome and the public school just isn't working. I have no idea where to start. College isn't going to be a factor, he already knows what he wants to do. He's going to train a dog as a touch therapy dog and then will go to nursing homes, hospital, etc., with the dog. He's already begun the training classes. I guess my question is do I develop a curriculum revolving around that? What about the credits required by the state? Does he really "need" a history class that he's got no use for? I'm in Kansas, if that helps any.

Basically, I'm not sure where to begin and what subjects I need to focus on. I'd like to have the training class be applied to some type of credit, if possible, plus some type of business accounting course, etc. We're also looking into joining 4-H for extra training and the socialization piece.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Debbie


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We contacted a home schooling group that was sympathetic to my then 14 y/o daughter's issues. The board of education gave the info about minimum graduation requirements.

Then at 16, she attended the adult high school where she was able to work at her own pace in the evenings. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS ONLY, without all the filler and fluff and she got credit for her volunteer and then work experience. The adult school now offers day classes also.

Hope your state and/or county offers the same so your son can be successful in the career he chosen to persue.

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Check into the GED test in your state. If you are concerned about him having a high school diploma, then the GED is the way to go. If he won't need a diploma, just get him the skills and information you see that he will need.

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Hello, I am new to the board, but was interested in your letter. I have a daughter with tourette syndrome. She is only 10. We tried her in the public school system this year but it didn't work out. We have a 17 year old son who is in grade 12. We have a tutor in Math for him. He is very well read and intelligent. We have not kept up with the school systems curriculum. I have been homeschooling 3 children for 8 years and I have to say, that I believe that our kids will still have a good future, even though they may not get a diploma. Your son, has a wonderful hopeful plan to help benefit society. I believe that God will use him and that you only need to relax in this. Yes, get him books and videos that might help him in the field that he is interested in. Let him follow his own heart..:)