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daughter homebound for medical reasons

We just found out daughter has a brain tumor(cancer) PTLD. rare. Because her imune system in compromised she will now be homeschooled. Any suggestions to keep her happy? she misses her friends but because she is homebound she cant really interact with kids.I'd hate for her to get depressed as well. She has a sister 5. brother 10 and a sister on the way in february. any help would be helpfull. maybe a penpal??

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concerned mom

First of all I want to say that I'm so sorry your daughter has to face such a difficult time in her life. No child shld have to go through that. It must be really hard on her and your entire family. You're doing all the right things, though, and you sound like a wonderful caring mom.
Focus on making your daughter's life as happy and fun as possible. I'm sure she has limits set on her, but try not to dwell so much on her illness. Treat her the same as you wld if she wasn't sick. Explain to her that she's still the same person, but that only certain aspects of her life have changed. You can still do things together as a family, and maybe have her friends over for playdates after school. Your daughter can maybe join social activities w/ her friends, or even meet new friends w/ other homeschooled children. I don't homeschool my kids, but I know that there are many programs out there for these kids. Reseach online, or look into your community for more info. I wish you all the best w/ your daughter. Hang in there, and take things one day at a time.