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Charter to Virtual or Homeschooling?

My 5 year old daughter is currently enrolled in an Imagine school and although I adore her teachers and know they are facing so many challenges with budgeting, I am losing more confidence in them educating my daughter. DD is on a 2nd grade reading level and is proficient in what would be considered 1st grade math in most states (we are in AZ), but due to the fact that 1/2 her class barely knows their numbers, she is forced to do Tracing sheets. You can see how this bores her and she is slowly growing to despise sitting in class. We faced similar issue with Kindergarten but her teacher did send home more advanced work to challenge her and the social aspects out weighed the lack of challenging curriculum.
I homeschooled her for preschool and 1/2 of Kinder and although that came easy to me, I am feeling a tad hesitant about my abilities to teach her now. I am looking into it though, and have stumbled on Connections Academy and was wondering if anybody reccomended this program. I LOVE that they do field trips and lay out curriculum, but the student can move ahead to higher grades if they are truly above average. I also like the idea that if this is the route we go, she doesn't get a GED, but an actual diploma! This makes the enrollment into colleges easier.

HELP! Thanks for listening.

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After reviewing my post I saw that I had quite a few grammatical errors - lol! Do you suppose that may be a bad sign for a Homeschooling Mom? Just Kidding.

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concerned mom

Why not try homeschooling and see how it goes since it's worked for you in the past? You can always get a tutor if need be or look into other options later on. I also thought about Montessori School. Since that method involves a lot of independent thinking, that might be a good option for your daughter. The only thing I wldn't recommend is having your daughter skip a grade. She may be ready academically, but socially and emotionally she may be too immature. Only you know what's best for your daughter. Keep your options open, but follow your gut instinct. Good luck.

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billyslitl, I was very impressed with the Connections Academy website even though it wasn't around when I was homeschooling my kids. I think it would be a great way to get started and help you feel comfortable with the whole process. If you find you want more involvement in choosing what and when to teach your daughter, you can do that later.

The fact that she would get a diploma from Connections would make life easier, but don't think your only other option is to get a GED. I homeschooled both my kids through high school, and they both were accepted at excellent colleges without an "official" diploma or GED.

Good luck and, most of all, enjoy! This special time with your daughter will go much faster than you think.

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We homeschooled my daughter and eventually joined a homeschool group. The group was nice because they took field trips and took a wide variety of classes together. She had the chance to tutor and mentor other students and decided she wants to be a special needs teacher. At 16, she opted to attend a local adult high school which was self directed and also offered on line classes. She graduated with her high school diploma this past June after taking a nearly 5 year break and entered college last month. The time we spent together while home schooling was quality time we both treasure. You can do it!