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6th grade homeschooler – Having issues with her math level which varies across concepts.

My 6th grader seems to be doing okay at her math, but is usually better at some concepts than the others, and at times, needs pushing in a few. I make sure to supplement her books with worksheets and some online tests from time to time. However, most such materials need me to figure out what topics she needs to practice myself, and figure out what she needs to learn, and at what pace.
Would love to know of a program that can judge her on what she knows or needs to know, and helps her out with a structured plan or time line of her learning over the year – Would help me loads and make me feel confident that we’re following the right path and pace.


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There plenty of good online math programs - like Aleks, times4learning, tenmarks etc which should fit your need.

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Have you ever had her tested to find out where she is in math? By doing so you will know the grade level of math that she is currently at and be able to improve her weak areas.
Althought there are several sites on the web that offer math the important point here is knowing what grade level your daughter is at in math. Once this is known then a plan can be formulated.