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Lack of communication

We are actively involved grandparents because my husband is after school caregiver for our grandchildren. We wonder, though, if there is any way to gain the respect and courtesy of our daughter-in-law, who asks us to have our grandchildren, whom we love, but will call us on our behavior constantly. She is afraid we will leave them in long sleeves in the sun, that we will forget to have them drink water, that we will feed spoons full of sugar for dinner, etc. I raised children successfully, and don't know where this lack of trusts originates, or why she continues to ask if she feels this way.Any insight would be appreciated.

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My daughter-in-law does the same thing. I think it is that she feels guilty for not being there to care for the baby so she overcompensates. Just nod, smile, reassure her and enjoy your grandchildren like I do mine.