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I was adopted when I was about 10 months old and my birth name was Sanemand could anyonr help me with some info.on the Sane family of n.carolina,thank you.

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im from N Carolina im not sure if this would help but check white pages online i have been able to find a lot of people from when i was young on it I wish you a lot of luck finding out about them .

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First of all, how old are you? There are lots of ways, but depends on your age.
You can start out at the Vital Statistics department with the state you live in.
Next, check out the county clerks office where you live, or where your were born. You will find names of whom you are looking for. Note,,,, you will have to know the first name, also, several other things, but you can begin there, and like someone else said, check out the telephone book, online at a website called Zabasearch. type in the name, and it will show you all names in that state. If it is a common name, you will have to start with the ABC's and go forth like that.
Good luck, and if you have a family that adopted you, loved you and raised you, you might even ask them to help you. Sometimes, even though it hurts them for you to search for someone who, to them, gave you up for adoption, they will because they love you that much, So keep in mind, the adoptive family also.
Good luck,