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Special schools for the gifted?

Hello all,
How are you? I have a son who I belive might be gifted and his teacher is not understanding and nor does his school help students who are over acheivers.
Are there any schools out there for gifted children with low income?
Any hope that his acheivements be attended to? How do I search ofr such schools if there are any?
Thank you for any guidance or help.

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Hello. Anyone who of special schools for gifted children? What are they called?

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There may be private schools in your area for gifted students. Some public schools have programs also. My son is gifted and did great in the public school system. Contact the schools in your area to inquire.

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Look into "afterschooling", too. It is a kind of home schooling that applies the notion that time after school can be used to develop intellect as well as relationships. Allow your child's curiosity to drive the activities.

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Unfortunately, if your school does not have a gifted program which in Ohio is mandatory by grade 2 then you will have to consider private schools. But not all private schools are good so be careful. What your child needs is an Individual Education Plan (IEP). You could perhaps discuss this with your childs teacher and then keep going up the chain.

I had the same problem. I tried to discuss this with my childs teacher at the beginning of the semester but I could tell she wanted to do her own assessment (that was fine and expected) as she may see a lot of parents who believe their child is gifted. Just this week during a conference she communicated that my son who is in Kindergarten reads at a 3rd grade level (this is just where they stopped the testing due to time contraints). She also disclosed that he is the brightest in the class, extremely mature and that he is far more intellectually advanced than his peers.

She said because he likes the songs, crafts, and fun that goes on in the class she would not recommend promotion to the 1st grade. And what scares me is that she even stated that he needs to be challenged and that she cannot really do that in her class. She uses him to explain other things to kids and to act as a model student. I am sure he learns a lot from this, but he has two younger sisters and he gains leadership skills at home.

So now we are deliberating on the next action. He excels in school and sports. When he plays sports with his age group it is almost not fair. He dominates the game, never loses, and is highly competative. Kids always wants him on their team and the other team kids ask that he does not play. You would think he is a grade behind but he is only 5.

Once again I am just reading as much literature as I can so that I can make an informed decision. I want the best for him I just have to find out what that is. I am sure the same thing is for you. Take your time to come to the best decision and trust your instincts.

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I know there are some part-time gifted programs for students who don't find the work in their regualar courses challenging enough.

They should vary between each school board, but check it out. It would be a great way for your son to remain interested and challenged at school without introducing too big of a change into his life.