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Let me introduce myself.

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this board and wanted to say "hi". I have 2 gifted sons, one 7 y/o hates school the other 8 y/o loves school.

It can be very challenging from day to day, because their needs are very different and yet the same.

Does anyone find this to be similar in your houses?

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Yes, always when you have children especially when you have more two or more you always going to have opposites within your household cause me for I fact I have two brothers and the both of them hate school and I love school which I am still enrolled in so it's naturally common for children that age.When you have one who loves school it makes it easier.But as the years go on he will come to like school and the people there.


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Thank you for the welcome!! I have one son that will wait for everyone to answer, then make his answer completely opposite. He does it on purpose, just to get a reaction from us.

I was an only, so I never had the plesure of disagreements with a sibling.

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Me and my brother are both talented. I push myself and get perfect grades in school. My brother is soooo smart, yet is really bored and sometimes doesn't bother with homework or stuff like that. He loves to study on his own though. He taught himself to script. We both have high IQ's and are in the Mensa high IQ society. We are both so different, yet both are very talented