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intro: 3.5 yr old girl:


I am mom to two girls ages 21 months and 3.5 yrs. Both are intense, smart, and strong willed. I am a stay at home mom.

My 3.5 year old is charming, highly verbal, has a freakishly good memory, amazing vocabulary, knew letter sounds at 1.5 and started reading at two, spelling words out on her own at two or three, great with puzzles, directions, rhyming, drawing,sculpting, and that sort of thing.

Her behavior has been challenging to say the least. She is hyper, insanely talkative, emotional,highly extroverted, and so sensitive that we had her testted wondering if she had ADHD or something else. They gave her an IQ test and I think she could have done quite a bit better, she seemed to just not be at her best, but still had at least one sub score in the 99th percentile, but overall, "only" scored in the 97th. She took the WPPSi III.

I was told to read Ruf's levels of giftedness and she is all over the place, even having some things in level 5, but really seems to be more at 2 or 3 by those standards, yet the test score was lower than those ranges and seemed more like a level one, but when I read about a level one in that book, she had done many of those things years ahead of what was listed and that didn't seem right.

I know IQ Testing at 3.4 isn't that reliable anyway, but I was wondering if she would most likely need to be retested and when if we are trying to find out options for preschool and kindergarten the year after since I believe some programs really want the 98th percentile which I am sure she would hit next time just based on knowing what she knows and what she didn't do there. She has a May birthday. She can alreayd to much of first grade material if asked (though I don't do that sort of thing with her at home--no flash cards, no workbooks, etc.). If she is only three now, what in the world will happen when she goes to kindergarten two years from now and the things she does are so far behind what she is capable of doing and she is prone to being a little bossy, restless, and a class clown?

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I am replying to my own post since I didn't see an edit feature. I know some people think that some people just want to label kids gifed for some sort of status symbol and push them, but this isn't what this is about. She has been very challenging and already tries to act different, draw differently, speak differently and hide skills and vocabulary around age mates and I don't want her to have to do that or to feel different. She also is sitting through things at preschool that she learned years ago and is by nature, chatty, impulsive, and super high energy so it is hard for her to contain when her energy has nowhere to go at times. She is in a play based preschool and loves the songs and crafts, but much of kindergarten material if not all are things she mastered before this year and I worry what will happen in kindergarten. She will continue to learn at home, but I worry mostly about her emotional health and her behavior since she is so extroverted, talkative, and non-conformist.

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If the testing will help you access resources to enhance your children's life, then go for it. otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much about comparing them to other children. Think what a shame it would have been if Edison had been limited by the category he was placed in. Or that clerk who worked for the government . . .what was his name? Einstein?

To foster her emotional health, enjoy her, teach her social skills and etiquette, engage her in serving others. Kids whose "self esteem" was fostered actually had lower self esteem than kids who took part in volunteer projects for the disadvantaged or improving the environment.