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College Rejection

My 17 year old daughter has always been a very disciplined and motivated student.  She gets straight As, and participates in numerous after-school activities.  She applied to a few ivy-league colleges for the Fall, and so far she has been rejected by four schools.  She was accepted by her safety, which is a very respectable university, but she is not dealing well with all of this rejection.  She has never "failed" at anything before and she suddenly feels depressed and insecure.  How can I help her regain her confidence?  

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Hi Cocoa


Your daughter is definitely not alone.  The competition for ivy league schools is drastically different now than it was even five years ago - it gets more and more fierce every year.  The NYTimes covered this in an article titled, "Young, Gifted, and not Getting Into Harvard." Download the piece and give it to your daughter so that she can know that she joined the ranks of many other extraordinary, talented, and brilliant kids.