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Any thoughts!!!!

I have a nephew and he has been regarded as a gifted child. He has excellent performance in any academic field. However as he grows up, we started to notice that he is somewhat acting like a child...I mean his maturity is somewhat reverse..Before he is as a mature or grown up, however right now he is acting as if he was a kid that needs to be supervised every time.To think that he is already 17yrs of age, I don't think it's normal.


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A couple of things could be happening. One is, kids who do well in academics sometimes have something called non-verbal learning disorder. It means that they learn verbal and written things well, but other forms of knowledge are difficult for them to obtain. What some call common sense, social things, the laboratory component of science, or anything that is not "book-learning," these are difficult for some kids who are very bright.

Or, it could be that he is rebelling, which is normal for a teenager who feels that his/her parents control too many decisions that should be the teenager's.

Parents who trust their child's ability to learn from experience will state expectations and state both natural and logical consequences for success and for failure, and will follow through on logical consequences.

Parents who lack such trust will manage the child so that the child turns in every assignment complete and on time and will give too much input on the content.
These parents often gain their own feelings of self-esteem from their child's success, and take the child's momentary failures much too personally. The child often feels that he/she is only valued for the things that he/she does well.

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I've also heard about that non-verbal learning. One of my friends told me that she has known something similar to the situation of my nephew. She told me that it really happen sometimes that when the child is excellent in academics, he might be too slow for non verbal things.. Actually he really does a problem with his common sense and with his social life.He even feel jealous with his younger sister that is just 2 years of age..
I really don't know what to do I even plan to bring him to a psychologist.Do you think it will help?? Or any other idea on how we can manage to handle this?