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18 month old

I have an 18 month old boy named Aiden.  He has always done unusual things for a child.  He has  been very agile with his pointing finger.  He quickly tries to find the operation system of toys.  He speaks at least 75-100 words.  up to 6 word sentences.  LOVES, I say is obsessed with his alphabet.  He holds a letter one in each hand most of the day.  He recognizes the entire alphabet and has for over 2 months and can pronounce all but a few letters "W, G, H, J, V and X" he adds approximately 4 new words a day now.  all you need to say is "Can you say" and he repeats and remembers.

He uses both his left and right hand equally as well. 

He is not a crier, he will go days without crying.  the only time he does cry is when he gets hurt or falls. Then he holds his breath and really over does it until you comfort him. When he is told to go take a nap he goes in the room and rocks himself to sleep with his pointing finger on each hand in a tab.  He screams when he doesn't get his way.

He is very gentle and loves to be rocked.  He is gentle with his pets (3 dogs)  Loves giving kisses and is constantly laughing.  Expecially when he is talking on the phone. Has always loved music and has kept rythem to music since he could hold himself up.  He walked at 9 months and ran at 11 months. He can use a remote control for the TV and a controller on a video game.

What is your opinion of his abilities?  Do you feel he is gifted.  He spends his days with his grandmother and she gives him total attention.  Could all of this just be due to his constant attention from grandma?

I would appreciate any advice and imput,  I am being told he is so advanced.............?



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Your son is very advanced, but he is still a baby.  The things you need to do is be sure that he has a chance to develop other aspects of his brain and personality so he can funciton well.  Screaming when he doesn't get his way is pretty developmentally appropriate, but you need to help him learn to grow more mature behavior.  Lots of interaction with the outdoors, play materials that are really tactile and messy, make-believe play (Let's be the animals in the zoo!)  Don't let him feel that his verbal ability is the reason you value him.  Don't let him get caught up in being the smartest. 

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I appreciate your comments,  We certainly get a kick out of Aiden, watching CNN or any program with a crawl is so funny as he yells out the letters going across.

He does love his animals also, he has cards with all the farm animals and he knows all of the sounds they make. He so much fun.  I am very lucky he is so easy to deal with, agreeable on almost everything he is presented with.  Again thank you for your help. 

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He is definitely advanced unlike most of the babies of his age.This is a good sign. I've encountered a lot of babies who actually acts somewhat alike with your child and you can help him enhance his skills and talents with proper attention.Introduced him also to other educational baby materials. you can introduced to him basic colors, shapes and the likes.Babies minds are so fresh that they can easily absorb new thing being discovered.