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Wii Fit?

Has anyone used Wii Fit with their family? Does it get the whole family moving? I'm interested in getting it but was curious on how it works.

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My son loves his wii, but I think DDR is better for getting people moving. Wii Tennis and Wii bowling were OK. Playing the drums on Wii music was pretty good. A lot of them don't really require much movement, you can just twitch the controller and it's enough.

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concerned mom

We're interested in getting Wii for our kids, but we heard it's very expensive. Don't know much about Wii Fit, but from what I do know, it's pretty popular. There are a lot of other ways to stay fit and have fun too w/out the added expense. To each his own I guess.

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what is a wii fit

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concerned mom

Thx. If we do get a Wii, we'll definitely look into Wii fit.