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getting into shape with kids

Anyone have ideas for ways to get in shape and involve the kids? My whole family really needs to get moving and get some exercise! 

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Hi everybody,

 I totally agree with you Mark that exercise is needed now more than ever , specially when the kids  play soccer and  basketball only on the computer! So, this is what I do with my kids...

After one of the family meetings it has been agreed that 3 times a week we conduct sports lessons  that include eurobics stretching  or even dancing ! works :)But  You have to be consistent about it otherwise it won't

Good Luck :)


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i also think it would be beneficial for kids to get active not only physically good for them (and Me) but a great way to release anxiety and stress and a great way to relate and bond.
walking the dog  ,dancing is one of our favorets , yoga , there is also a dvd workout  that is focused manly on walking and includes a stretchy band , it has a great sound track and my kids seem to really enjoy it.

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 hi kim how many kids do you have .

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concerned mom

My kids love doing my exercise tapes w/ me. They take them very seriously. It's funny to watch. 8-)
Also, there are games like Wii Fit and others that keep both adults and kids entertained and motivated to stay in shape. Or how about just family swims, bike riding, or taking the dog for walks in the park. Whatever you do, make it fun. Not only are you and your family keeping fit, but you're also spending quality time together.

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I signed up for a thing at the local gym--kind of like Biggest Loser, but not embarrassing. I lost 11% of my body weight since Oct 2. Here's what I learned:
1. The time might be right, right now. It's worth a try. You don't have to wait until you feel better, or until life is less chaotic, or even until morning. DON'T give it 110%. Give it a go. Have a life.

2. Work toward this: Drink 1/32 your weight of water every day (1/2 oz per pound). Start by getting a drink of water now. If you weigh 160 pounds, try to drink 80 ounces of water a day--that's 10 cups.

(Not saying I weigh 160 pounds, just saying that's how much you should drink if YOU weigh 160 pounds.)

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3. If you are an adult Eat AT LEAST 1200 calories every day. 1800 calories if you are a man. Keep a food diary. Eat breakfast as soon as you wake up. After that, don't let 5 hours go by without eating again. 3-4 hours is better. On weight-lifting days, drink lowfat chocolate milk within 30 minutes after you train.

Here's a link for kid calorie calculation:

If you are normally quite active, add ~400 calories and you'll be okay. Kick it up to 2000/2600 calories, and you can skip the multivitamin at bedtime.

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4. When you first start exercising, be sure to spend about 10 minutes stretching right after you work out. Hold each stretch for a count of 20 or 30. Calves, Quads, Hamstrings, Back, Feet, Arms, Neck. If you worked out yesterday and you are sore, work out today and STRETCH afterward. A personal trainer is worth $200 a week, but you can get a group together and share the cost. Go 5 minutes early and start walking fast, you don't need to pay somebody to tell you that. You probably need new shoes. Take ibuprofen. 10,000 steps a day doesn't happen by accident. If you get hurt, MICE. (moderate movement, ice, compress, elevate) If you aren't hurt, overdo just a bit.

5. If you think you had trouble falling asleep and you wake up tired, you probably didn't get enough sleep. Get up and have breakfast anyway, stay awake until midday, nap for 20 minutes to an hour, take a walk around dinnertime, and try again!

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6. Get a scale to weigh your food. Build your salad on a dinner plate, build your dinner on a salad plate. Eat 150 - 250 grams of food and you'll feel satisfied. 200 grams of twinkies, 200 grams of cabbage, your stomach doesn't care.

Your stomach doesn't think that liquid stuff is food. soda, KoolAid, fruit juice, If you just ate the sugar out of the sugar bowl, you'd satisfy your appetite, but not when you drink it. Your stomach does think that citrus fruit, tomatoes and water melon are food. Your stomach is kind of silly.

7. Your stomach is silly, but the rest of your body is AMAZING! You can DO stuff! Do a little more than you think you can almost every day and in 3 months you'll be running for miles. Really. Running.


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Am addicted to water and drink lots daily (never any soda or other junk liquid), eat healthy foods most meals most days. Just cannot make myself eat until after being awake 2 or more hrs. Have tried forcing myself to eat, and always feel sick and sluggish. Have tried protein, and many food combinations.

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Are you healthy? If it ain't broke, don't fix it!