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Went out with my GF, broke up, got back together, broke up. get back together?

Me and my girlfriend were together for 4 months. Then she broke up with me because she really didn't know what she wanted in life. 2 weeks later she came running back and wanted to be with me again. So i decided to take her back. Everything was GREAT. things were so much better than they ever were and we were crazy in love. 2 months later she pulls the same thing. Breaks up with me and then tells me she has had feeling for this guy in the army. She told me shes had feeling for him for over a year now but she doesnt see a future with him because he's in the army and because he's a real jerk but still likes him anyway. well me and her have been talking for a few days and today i asked her to hang out. We havent seen each other for a month now so it was a little awkward at first then it was fine. I asked her about the guy in the army and she said that she just wants closure with him.Well we eventually kissed and hugged each other. then cried in each others' arms. : (
we hung out for like 4 hours and then we said goodbye and kissed/ hooked up again. When we got home we were texting and everything was like back to normal. Using <3s and saying how we missed each other and this and that. My question is: Is it stupid to take her back? And under what circumstances do i take her back?
    Like I am really happy when i am with her. She's just very indecisive. And we agreed that we would take things veryyy slowly if we did want to get back. but first thing's first, She's got to get over the guy in the army. By the way.. i am 20 years old and she's 18 if that matters

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Are you in school? Trade school or college? Get a great education so that you have a lot to offer the right girl. Then find the right girl. When you are about 25, start dating somebody seriously. Until then, just be friends. And lose the psycho, she's just a drama queen.

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concerned mom

You guys are still young, so have fun. Find out what you each want in a relationship. If you want a commitment, and this girl doesn't know what she wants, you have to make a decision for yourself. You can have an open relationship and still see other people, or you cld commit solely to this girl, but don't expect her to do the same if that's not what she wants. If you're ok w/ that, then I don't see why you guys can't hang out. Maybe she just needs time, so I think taking things slowly is a good thing. Mainly, though, be honest w/ one another about what you each want, and respect each other's feelings if you want the relationship to work, whether it's open or exclusive. Good luck!

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If you want her back then don't take her back. Cut off communication for the time being. Go out with your friends and spend time and make gradual changes in your life.After a couple of months you will have a better idea of how you would like to carry on with your ex and you will also will not appear needy to her anymore. You can then arrange a meeting with her but play a little hard to get but don't exaggerate it. Don't over analyze the situation play it calm and cool.