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son with mostly girlfriends

My son who is 10 seems to have a good relationship with both sexes in his class and is well liked
but when he has recess or lunch or wants to have a friend over to play it is always with girls.
We have asked him why he doesnt want to play with the boys and he says its because they are rough and want to play guns and gangup games.
we have tried to explain that it is important to have friends of both sexes and it seems that his girlfriends are talking about shaving legs and bras and he has said hes a boy and doesnt want to listen or talk to them about that sort of stuff
we have tried to say that even though he may not like playing some of the games that the boys play it might be a good idea to go play with them to have some more male friendships.
I need help to know how to encourage him to play with boys more or if I even need to do that. I just want him to be happy healthy and balanced

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My son always had mostly female friends and still does. He is best friends with his wife, his sister and me. Let your son be himself, don't pressure him to have friends he is uncomfortable with and he'll find his own balance.

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I was friends with a guy all through middle school who had all girl friends and only like 2 guy friends only because they were in plays together, as a matter of fact he was my best friend at one time. He was not gay if you are think that about your son. my friend was not gay he was a very sweet kid, dressed nice just basically a clean kid not a trouble maker. but anyways he was raised by just his dad his mom left when he was a baby so it has always been the two of them.he dad had a girlfriend and he had a step sister. he would always take about who he thought was pretty and who was not, we used to watch the golden girls and designing women every day after school he would walk over and me him and my mom would watch those two shoes then at night around 9 on nick at night for about two years we would watch roseanne and talk on the phone about it.. anyways my point being he was not gay he acctually has wen't to collage on a musical scholarship and is doing very good the last i herd from him he was not with anyone and he was still saving him self for marriage so there's nothing wrong with him hanging with mostly girls hey he might just be a ladies man lol at 10 yrs old thats cute haha