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Is it wrong for me to go out with her even tho we are kind of related?! HELP!?

Ok so i like a family member and i think she likes me cuz i see her get nervous around me bites her nails, gets pale, plays with hair ok shes kind of family so here are the details:
1. Shes 12 im 14(i knoe weird)
2. Shes not fully related if she was then shed be my second cousin but shes my second step cousin(her father had kids with her mom then left than my mom's cousin married her)
Is it wrong!?

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the relative thing is not an issue--you don't live in the same household, and there's no genetic problem so if she gets pregnant, the baby is not at risk for genetic diseases.

The thing is--you are 14. You are at greater risk of getting somebody pregnant if you start dating at 14 than if you wait until you are 16. So, if you want to date her when you are 18 and she is 16--go ahead.