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Child cries when around father

My husband and I have a 9 month old daughter. Two months ago I went back to work and my husband started to look after our daughter as he only works seasonal work. It seems like while im away everytime my husband looks at her, feeds her or picks her up all she does is cry and shake and scream and yell. When I come home she is a very happy playful baby. She used to do this from time to time over the last few months but now since he is the main caregiver it seems to happen more often than not. I dont know what to do. I feel horrible for him he loves her so much and it doesnt seem like she wants anything to do with him. What should we be doing? She is fine when anyone picks her up or plays with her but him.
Please help!

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It could be that your husband is just not cut out for providing child care. If he lost his cool a couple of times, she could have a very healthy fear of him. It would be too bad, but such things do happen. Some people, men and women, do not have the temperament necessary for dealing with babies.