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pregnant with number six!!

Hello all just wanted to say hello im 4 months pregnant with my sixth child i already have a 7 ,5, 4, 2 and 1 year old is there anybody else with a big family?

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Congratulations!! that is wonderful. 

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gail Hanson

I have six, but I have a looooong family, too.  My girls are 30, 27, 26 (tomorrow!), nearly 19 and 10, my boy is 16.  I am the youngest of five children, my oldest sibling was 6 when I was born. 

I know my mom handled it OK, and that was when you had to wash diapers.   I'll be thinking of you!


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hi jayne! im 33 and have 4 weeks left 2 go with my 7th baby. eldest being 16 then 14,9,8,2 and half and 10 months so i know how u r feeling!!!

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Big families are great! 41 years old with 6 kids. 19,18,16, 14,9, and 7! good luck!

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I see this is an old post but I am also pregnant with #6. I am looking for other mamas with more then 4.

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I have six, but three are married and my youngest is eleven.

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I wish I could have more, I only have one and would have liked more but I split up with his dad so i am quite happy with one, better than not having any children at all. I do feel for the people who can't have children. One is my sister who is desprating want children and is trying ivf at the moment. Fingers cross I will either have a niece or nephew one day. I already have two nephews from my other sister. Congralations and hope all the best with number 6!

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im also pregnet with number 6 im 33 weeks pregnet and me and the hubby also have my 2 step kids so thers 8 total i just take it one day at a time and breath

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Lorna Doon

Hi, I know this is an old page but just wanted to add that i am pregnant at 40 with number 6.
Our sons our age 18, 16, 14, 11, and 1.

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im 31 and pregnant with my 6th child my other children are 14 9 5 3 an 10 months i wondered if it s common to spot quite alot the more children you have, i had spotting with my 10 month old in the early stages and she was fine. The same happened with this pregnancy but now im spotting again, im 13 weeks gone, and my 12 week scan was brilliant the baby was very active. hope someone can put my mind at ease