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pregnant with number six!!

Hello all just wanted to say hello im 4 months pregnant with my sixth child i already have a 7 ,5, 4, 2 and 1 year old is there anybody else with a big family?

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Congratulations!! that is wonderful. 

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gail Hanson

I have six, but I have a looooong family, too.  My girls are 30, 27, 26 (tomorrow!), nearly 19 and 10, my boy is 16.  I am the youngest of five children, my oldest sibling was 6 when I was born. 

I know my mom handled it OK, and that was when you had to wash diapers.   I'll be thinking of you!


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hi jayne! im 33 and have 4 weeks left 2 go with my 7th baby. eldest being 16 then 14,9,8,2 and half and 10 months so i know how u r feeling!!!

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Big families are great! 41 years old with 6 kids. 19,18,16, 14,9, and 7! good luck!

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I have six, but three are married and my youngest is eleven.

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I wish I could have more, I only have one and would have liked more but I split up with his dad so i am quite happy with one, better than not having any children at all. I do feel for the people who can't have children. One is my sister who is desprating want children and is trying ivf at the moment. Fingers cross I will either have a niece or nephew one day. I already have two nephews from my other sister. Congralations and hope all the best with number 6!

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Call your doctor to put your mind at ease. You should be seen by a professional to rule out any possible issues.

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Very greatly admire you for choosing life for your child!!

Am not personally in your situation, though my mother was in a similar one. At 40 she had 5 children and was a few weeks pregnant with me when my bio-dad passed away. She later met and married my father (and had my younger sister at 42) who raised us all. Will always appreciate that she chose to have me instead of taking the easier way for herself. You are doing the right thing!

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I'm also pregnant with number 6, I have 4 girls 13, 11, 5 and 3, and one boy 8. I'm only 8 weeks along but I'm showing. Everyone says it's twins, so scared. Should I be showing this soon with number 6?

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1. Every pregnancy is different.
2. If you are anxious, go tell a doctor your concerns. It does neither you nor your baby any good for you to be anxious.