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my first pregnancy at 22

I'm 21 now but will be 22 before baby gets here.
I'm 9 to 10 weeks pregbant due at the end of november.

How old were you when you had baby number 1?

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I had my son at 22. I was very immature so we grew up together and are still great friends. He has told me he LOVED having young parents.

Here is the negative side: being so young and immature, my ex-husbands and my relationship suffered from having a child so soon into our relationship. We divorced after 9 years and another child (who I had at 28) so our children did not have the advantage of growing up in an intact family.

When my son and his wife were planning their wedding (they were 24 and 23) I gave them the advice of waiting until they have been married at least 7 years to start their family so they could grow together before adding a baby into their family. They took the advice, which they have heard from MANY people, and their 1st child is due a few weeks after their 7th anniversary.

Since you are already pregnant, this will not help you much, but may help other readers. Good luck with the baby!

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I've been in a relationship for 5 years.

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concerned mom

I was 32. If I had done things earlier, I probably wld've had more kids by now. We started a family very quickly after we got married, but we did know each other for quite some time before that. We have 2 boys.

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Congratulations! That's the best news ever. Enjoy every single minute of parenthood. I had my first one at age 19 and am 34 now with a large family of 8 and still thinking of more. Its the best time in your life. My mom had nine and she still misses "those good old days.".

Just a bit of advice (if you are open to accept) When you feel you get too involved with your kids and your husband starts to feel left out, put aside an hour a day just For you and your husband. You can spend it either walking, talking, driving, no difference what, but it should be face to face not via phone or texting etc.

You should also never let any type of friction between the two of you sleep overnight' you should always try making up that very same day. Even if you are always the one to be the first to give in, Most men feel its below their dignity to be the first one to forgive. But when they see how humbly you feel they will melt right away just like butter, and even come to respect you more than before. I already gave many people this piece of advice and they all thanked me for it.

Have a happy healthy safe and easy pregnancy.

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I was 21 when I had my first child...U will do fine...

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age sixteen way to early but i faced what i did head on i wasnt the best parent being so young but i did what i could ,with my daughter i was older and i was such a better parent this time around than i had been with my son i can tell i stay a lot more calm now just more mature all together .i think about my kids first unlike when i had my son i thought about the boys way to much .my son turned out great he is a policeman so im real proud of him he has no kids and does not really want any i haved to wonder if he feels this way because he payed attention when he was growing up im real close to him and he adores his sister but life was hard i think god that he made it !best wishes to you ,i will tell you something i believe i dont believe their is a perfect parent no matter what age we just have to learn from our bad choices and try to do better .