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hi im 20 and pregnante

hi i dont know wat to expect or anything about it what to eat what not to eat what i can do what i cant do what animals i can be around what i cant and i need help can sumone help

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concerned mom

Read "What To Expect When You're Expecting".

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Eat a good balanced diet with lots of whole grains and vegetables and fruit. Drink lots of milk. Avoid smoking, drinking and cats. Don't eat much fish.

I had my first when I was 20. It took me a while to develop the patience and perspective I needed to be a good mom.

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Great advice!

Also, avoid stress, drink lots of water, and take a childbirth preparation class. It is available at most hospitals. The Lamaze class I took was very helpful.

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Get exercise, too, but check with your doctor.

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Find a good prenatal vitamin (one with plenty of folate), see your OB dr. as soon as possible and go to your OB scheduled visits.

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Im 19 and a lot of grains wheats vegs dairy get a lot of rest-well you'll be more tierd in the beginning, your best to avoid stress..exercise...don't lift heavy objects...get a flu shot...see your dentist..prenatal care...parenting classes if needed...& papmer'll need to give yourself a break and do something that will make you feel better...since pregnancy comes with a -lot of joy; backaches, tierdness, cramps, mood swings, constipation etc!