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food cravings

what are everyone's interesting food cravings?? i can't eat enough cheeseburgers!!

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When I was pregnant, I loved green olives and watermelon. Not together, but I enjoyed them apart from each other A LOT.

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With my first son I ate a lot of pickled onions, something which I had previously hated. With my daughter it was cherries. My second son it was salads all the time. With my last child I had different cravings all the time and couldn't keep up with them. By the time I got stocks in of my latest craving, I would be on to something else [my youngest son has ADHD and Asperger's. Any connection do you think?]

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concerned mom

With both my kids, I CRAVED ice pops. Other than that, I guess I ate as usual.

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With my first daughter i craved cream cheese bagels with loads of raw onions!!!