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Anxious and worried about my pregnancy

I know that for some this may sound absurd but this is the first time I am pregnant, and I just found out a couple of days ago. I am about 5-6 weeks along and I am extremely anxious for time to pass by. I am also very nervous about miscarrying. So far I have been experiencing sore nipples, and abdominal cramps. My first check up isn't until April and I feel worried, are these symptoms normal? Also about a two weeks ago I had a bad fall, and I am afraid that it could have done something to my fetus. I know I sound very paranoid, but I cant help it. I have not experienced any bleeding not spotting, at least that I can remember. Should I be this worried, and is it normal to do so? What can I do to minimize the chances of miscarrying. Is there any advice out there on first time pregnancy?

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Don't worry. A abdominal cramps are normal because I had that when I was a few wks pregnant and I'm now 6 months along. What you're feeling may be the sensation of implantation, increased blood flow, or, your uterus beginning to grow.

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breast tenderness is very normal. Abdominal cramps, not so common. However, EVERY PREGNANCY is UNIQUE. Since you fell, but there is no spotting, I would call my OB on Monday and tell the doctor about the fall and about the cramping.

WORRYING is also very normal. It is not useful. In fact, you need to really focus on positive thinking because the chemicals that go into your blood because you worry are not as good for the baby as chemicals that go into your blood because you are happy. So, Do things that make you happy. It will be good for the baby.

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concerned mom

I wldn't worry. I assume this is your first pregnancy? If so, it's normal to be apprehensive b/c you don't know what to expect, and you want to do everything right. I remember being nervous w/ my first pregnancy. I read everything from books to info on the internet. The dr told me to stop reading and stop worrying. He said if you don't, you're going to pass it on to your baby. That's when I calmed down and tried focusing on all the good things. A pregnancy is a very exciting time in a woman's life. Embrace it. Concentrate on eating healthy and taking care of yourself. Soon you'll want to start shopping for baby clothes and accessories for his/her room. Think positive. It's not going to do you any good worrying. You haven't even been to the dr yet. If it makes you feel better, jot down a list of concerns/questions you have, and bring it w/ you to your dr visit. A book I found helpful is What to Expect When You're Expecting. But remember--not too much reading!! Best of luck to you!

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can i ask a question to some experts?? about what i feel in my body.. i dont know if im pregnant or not .. maybe u could call me a paranoid because i felt that the beat of my neck is evident and it beats fast like the beat of my pulse but i already tried 4 pregnancy test every week .. it's still come out as a NEGATIVE result?? why is this happening?? i dont have a missed periods yet ..last june was my first time to have contact with my boy and i have my period this july but still i felt that my body is changing .. is it possible that im pregnant or it is just a false alarm??