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Host Marti

Whew, am I tired

As I have mentioned before I have one child, a daughter who just turned 16.  So far she is a great kid and has given us very little trouble since birth.


Well, since she is 16, I am a long way away from those toddler and young school age kids.  Well, I have my neice and nephew (ages 6 and 4) for the weekend until mid-afternoon on Monday.  Whew---they have worn me OUT!!  I am so out of practice with smaller children---they have me feeling like I have just worked a 6 day shift in a mine or something.


God Bless all the mothers and fathers who are in the process of rearing their little ones---it sure is an exhausting job!



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concerned mom

Dear Marti,
You're very blessed to have such a sweet 16 yr old. From what I'm hearing, things only get harder. My boys are just 5 and 3 1/2, and they're already a handful. Talk to me again in about 11 yrs when my oldest is 16. Hopefully I don't pull out all my hair by then. Thanks, though, for understanding what we're going through, although I know you've been there too.